Going to a Halloween party this year? Many people are.

Whether you are or not, have you picked out a costume yet?
Vampire? Nah.
Ghost? Uh-uh.
Hooker? Overdone.
Witch? Not again.

Why not do something totally different, and dress up like someone from Michigan?

From the Lansing area, here are 13 suggestions, featuring some of my personal favorite Lansing-ites:

Al E. Khatt 

Any Lugnut Player 

Boogie Bob Baldori

Burt Reynolds

Danny Stewart

David Andrews

Deputy Dave

Discount Dave

Magic Johnson

Ralph Shaheen

Steven Seagal

Terry Hanks

Tim Staudt

The ones listed above all have/had great senses of humor, which I am grateful for. I have met the ones that are still around and can tell you they are dedicated townspeople...

From the rest of Michigan, how about 13 more:
Alice Cooper

Bob Seger

Charles Lindbergh

Diana Ross


Gerald Ford

Jeff Daniels


Smokey Robinson

Stevie Wonder

Ted Nugent

Tim Allen

Tom Selleck

Your best bet is any local celebrity/personality from whatever town/city you live near. The fun comes when everyone else tries to guess who you’re costumed as!

Have fun and be creative!

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