Go figure that gas prices here in Michigan are going up and will be above $3 per gallon all summer long.

Now it costs me around $50.00 to fill up my gas tank every time I go to the gas station.  I always wait until my gas gage reads just under a quarter of a tank and then I'm off to the nearest gas station.

Last week my wife and I were in Ludington spending time on the beach, playing putt putt, and eating ice cream at House of Flavors.

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During our stay in Ludington, we both noticed gas prices at around $2.93 at both Meijer and Shell gas stations.  That price ended up changing to $3.29 by the end of the week and we weren't to happy about it.

So we drove to the Meijer gas station and filled up the tank when I wished we would have done it when the price was around $2.93 per gallon.

According to the Detroit Free Press:

Metro Detroit's average daily gas price held steady at $3.29 per gallon, among the most expensive in the state and the same as last week's average and $1.02 more than the same time last year.

So based on what I've been reading the past couple of days, it looks like gas prices here in Michigan will most likely stay above $3 per gallon for the remainder of the summer.

The thing that gets me and this may sound like I'm venting a little bit, is that we've all been waiting for things to getter better ever since the pandemic began and now we have to deal with higher gas prices which doesn't help anyone out.

And think about people who drive big RV's on vacation and how expensive that must be to fill up the gas tank and head off to a state park here in Michigan.

What about people who own boats?  Not only do they have to fill up their own gas tank to haul their boat to the nearest lake, but they also have to fill up the boat's gas tank for entertainment purposes.  And yes it becomes expensive to say the least.

The Detroit Free Press adds:

"With crude oil prices remaining above $70 a barrel, gas prices could likely stay above $3 a gallon throughout the busy summer driving season."

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