What do Geno Smith, Logan Paul, and George Benard Shaw all have in common? They are the proud, the bold, the never wavering, Flat Earthers.

If this is your first introduction to the Flat Earth movement let me get you caught up:

  1. Yes. There is a growing segment of the population that believes the earth is flat.
  2. Yes. They are serious.
  3. Yes. Chances are you know or work with somebody who thinks selling globes is super profitable.

All caught up? Here we go...

Ranking Michigan's Flat Earth Believers Against the Rest of the United States


Michigan has its fair share of Flat Earthers. The movement isn't new though, in fact, Flat Earth has had its own society since 1956. It was at that time that Samuel Shenton founded the International Flat Earth Research Society. According to his hometown newspaper in Dover, England, seeing images of people in space had no impact:

With the beginning of the Space Race, Shenton’s theories began to attract more media publicity. Some members of the Society were convinced by the images of Earth that they saw, but Shenton remained steadfast in his beliefs, insisting that the photos were doctored, the astronauts hypnotised, and the whole thing was cooked up by NASA and globe manufacturers in order to make a profit.

See. Big Globe always wins.

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So which state in our fine country takes the top prize for most Flat Earthers? It's not who you'd think. If the first state you thought of was New Jersey, you'd be wrong. In fact, New Jersey isn't buying Flat Earth.


Where does Michigan rank? Find out as we walk right up to the edge, peek over, and count down to the state with the most searches for Flat Earth, according to Google Trends and BetKentucky.com.

Finding Flat Earths Biggest Fan: Ranking States with Believers

'Flat Earth' theory has over 4.1 BILLION views on TikTok which isn't surprising in a world filled with conspiracy theories. What is surprising is the US state that has the most anti-globe devotees. BetKentucky.com mined data from Google Trends to determine which state in America is Flat Earth's Biggest Fan**.

Gallery Credit: Scott Clow

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