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Paul Hart

It's pretty bad when you can't go to a local Michigan hospital emergency room without being left on a stretcher because of over crowded rooms and hallways.

That's what its come down to over the last several weeks. There is overcrowding at local emergency rooms including the Greater Lansing area.

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According to the Detroit Free Press:

The situation is not just uncomfortable. It's dangerous. Emergency department visits are up 43% in the last year in Michigan. Studies have repeatedly shown emergency room overcrowding increases the risk a patient will get sicker, or even die. And that was before the current wave of patients who, staff say, seem more acutely ill than emergency patients were pre-pandemic.

Emergency rooms are so packed at this time, people are put on stretchers, and recliners as more and more people come to emergency hospital rooms.

The Detroit Free Press also adds:

Every room in Sparrow's emergency department is full, Dusang says Oct. 4 as she walks through the beige-tiled halls. So they brought in the stretchers, but now the stretchers are full, too. So they've lined up a row of brown leather reclining chairs in one hall, each one within touching distance of the other, where patients may wait for eight or more hours.

Hospitals are seeing four times as many sick people these days. When you think of all the COVID-19 patients along with people with pneumonia, heart conditions, people with diabetes, it doesn't take long for any local hospital emergency room to fill up with capacity numbers.

And think about all of the hard working nurses in situations that are very stressful. We can't thank doctors and nurses enough for everything they do every single day just to try and save someone's life.

Detroit Free Press also tells us:

But nurses and other hospital workers are burning out. They're leaving the profession, or taking a gig as a travel nurse somewhere else.

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