Empire Michigan is known for many beautiful features and the best known is the Sleeping Bear Dunes, which is home to 2 different airborne rodents. I realize that is not something people think of when they travel to see the Dunes.

Sleeping Bear Dunes Facebook page is sharing a weekly TOP 50 facts, and the flying squirrels of Northern Michigan is just one of the fun facts.

The 71 thousand acre park in the upper Northwest Lower Peninsula is home to the Northern flying squirrel and the slightly smaller Southern flying squirrel. These creatures are nocturnal, so they don't come out during the day. But they are out at night foraging for food. Their day time is spend sleeping in treetop cavities.

Given the name 'flying squirrels' you would think they actually fly, but they glide between trees, catching air with a flap of skin along their sides and between their front and find legs.

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