If you haven't seen the new trailer for the Netflix NASCAR documentary series entitled 'NASCAR: Full Speed' (watch it below), then you're missing out. Netflix sports series are a must-watch, as they do an amazing job of showing how athletes balance time between competition, and their personal lives, and how the two often collide.

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The five-part documentary series will focus on the 2023 NASCAR Playoffs, which included Michigan native Brad Keselowski among 16 other drivers. Was Keselowski among the nine featured featured by Netflix?

Will Michigan Track or Driver Be Featured in Netflix Doc 'NASCAR: Full Speed'?

Is Michigan Driver or MIS Featured in New NETFLIX NASCAR Series?
NASCAR via YouTube

Sadly, no. While Keselowski's #6 can be seen in the trailer, he does not appear to be one of the sports athletes spotlighted by the streaming service. Here's the listing from Racers.com:

The drivers who will be featured in the series are Ryan Blaney, who won the Cup Series championship, William Byron, Ross Chastain, Denny Hamlin, Bubba Wallace, Kyle Larson, Christopher Bell, Joey Logano and Tyler Reddick

Each of the five episodes is around 45 minutes in length and will take you beyond the track, into the pits, trailers, and homes of the 2023 season's best drivers. Dale Earnhart, Jr. is among the show's producers, so fingers crossed it will have more of a reality focus as opposed to manufactured drama.

Netflix via YouTube
NASCAR via YouTube

As of the publication of this article, neither Michigan International Speedway (MIS) nor Netflix has confirmed whether Michigan's 2-mile oval will be featured in the documentary. Given that the series covers the NASCAR Series Playoffs, which begin in September, the track's chances of seeing screentime in 'NASCAR: Full Speed' are slim but, not implausible.

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Regardless, this new documentary series is already on my watchlist. Chances are I'll be bingeing each of the five episodes back to back when it arrives on Netflix on January 30.

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