If you were growing up in the 1950's, 60's, 70's and 80's, you more than likely frequented the drive-ins. The in-car speakers were tinny & scratchy, the movie was fuzzy, the concession stand burgers were overcooked, the popcorn was greasy, the pop had too much ice, pizza was like cardboard, the hot dogs were wrinkled and other people's headlights would blind you.

Makin' out, putting your friends in the trunk to sneak 'em in, bringing in your own food & alcoholic beverages, lying on the hood or trunk of your car watching the film while the stars twinkled overhead...the whole drive-in movie experience was SO much more than watching a motion picture from inside your car. It was a whole category of pop culture.

But we loved it. This was one of our simple pleasures we took for granted. It's a shame today's generation can't get those same youthful drive-in experiences. Well, they can, but most of them would have to drive quite a ways to get to the nearest drive-in theater.

The gallery below will hopefully stir up a memory or make you wish you were around when drive-in theaters were at their most popular. You'll see old photos, current ones, abandoned drive-ins, memorabilia, old programs & posters, and more. Take a look!



Michigan Drive-In Restaurants & Memorabilia


Bill Bonds

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