With the remainder of Michigan's firearm deer season coming on the 30th, and the 'muzzleloading' for all zones falling December 1 - 10, 2023, it looks like there will have to be a major uptick in the amount taken to match or exceed the 2022 harvest.

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Of course, the numbers won't be final until the late antlerless season is over (December 11, 2023 - January 1, 2024) but, with the 2023 season closer to the end than the beginning, there have been a total of 187,326 deer harvested as of November 23, 2023. Compare that to 2022's total of 303,056 reported deer and a total of 115,730 deer will have to be taken to match last year.

Michigan's 2023 Deer Season Totals to Date: County-by-County Breakdown

Michigan deer hunting numbers have been on a decline since their apex in 1998 597,980 deer licenses were sold. The state has lost over 250,000 hunters in the last 25 years and, based on the below numbers, it looks like 2023 will be another year of decline.

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Can Michigan combat the lure of other activities that seem to be keeping Michigan youth out of the woods? With a population of deer hunters that is in danger of aging out without another generation to take its place, the sport is in danger of extinction.

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Using data gathered through the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) mandatory reporting program, let's look at each county's deer harvest: antlered, antlerless, and total to date vs the '22 harvest. If you'd like to look a the same report from last week, click here.

UPDATED as of November 23: Total Michigan 2023 Deer Harvest

How is the 2023 Michigan deer season pacing when compared to the 2022 season? As of now, the numbers are trending lower in a county-by-county comparison of 2022 totals vs 2023 to date.

Gallery Credit: Scott Clow

Michigan Deer Season: Car v Deer, Which Kill More in Your County?

Between hunters and car-deer collisions, which one is responsible for thinning the herd more in your Michigan county? Using the Michigan Department of Natural Resources deer license sales from all seasons and crash data from MichiganTrafficCrashFacts.org, let's take a county-by-county look as we count down to the one with the most deer-involved crashes and compare that to the amount killed by hunters.

Gallery Credit: Scott Clow

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