Winter in Michigan. We are in the thick of things now. Short days, cold temperatures and very little sunshine. Those are the ingredients for some to call winter depressing.  Someone made a list, and here it is.

Leading the list of "cities with the most depressing winters", we have:

Anchorage, Alaska. During the winter, folks there do not get much daylight. The days in late December and early January last for fewer than 6 hours. Now that's depressing.

Seattle, Washington. The northernmost major city in the U.S. sees the sunrise later and set earlier than other cities.

Portland, Oregon. Much like Seattle, Portland is only sunny 29% during winter.

Missoula, Montana. So winters in this town could be considered depressing by outsiders, but residents love their city in fact Missoula has made the list of most fitness friendly cities in America.

Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our first city to make the list of cities with the most depressing winters. Grand Rapids has the distinction for cloudy days during winter, thanks to the  lake-effect from lake Michigan. GR only sees 29% sunshine from November to February.

Buffalo, New York. This city also suffers from lake-effect conditions from Lake Erie.

Syracuse, New York. This city also deals from lake-effect conditions, and they a 31% winter sunshine rate.

Cleveland, Ohio. This city may 'rock' but like Grand Rapids they have way more cloudy days than other cities. In fact Cleveland ranks second for cloudiest days in the Midwest.

Rochester, New York. Yes, another New York makes the list.  Rochester is situated between Buffalo and Syracuse but since it is located more north that those 2 cities, they deal with slightly less lake-effect conditions.

Those are the most depressing cities in winter, so here are the sunniest cities in winter.  Tucson, Arizona, El Paso, Texas, Key West, Florida, Phoenix, Arizona, Kahului, Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Flagstaff, Arizona and Miami.

I would be more than happy to head off to one of those cities to check on the sunshine and warmer temps and report back to you.

See the full list of most depressing cities in winter time here. 

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