We talk about having an old-fashioned Christmas, but do we?
Just what is an old-fashioned Christmas?

When that term is uttered, what do we think of?

Making Christmas cookies, a fire in the fireplace, Gramps reading “The Night Before Christmas”, long stockings hung on the fireplace mantle, carolers warbling out in your front lawn, decorations throughout town, nativity scenes, walking through snow-covered streets & sidewalks to Christmas shop, plum pudding, an electric train around the Christmas tree, leaving milk & cookies out for Santa, a huge dinner, opening gifts on Christmas Eve and again on Christmas Day, Christmas cards.....are those what make an old-fashioned Christmas?

Those are the things that come to my mind when I imagine a good ol' Michigan Christmas.

Only you can answer what an old-fashioned Christmas means to you. But when the smoke clears and the commercialism is all said and done, that “old-fashionedness” is something that is inside of you...a feeling, nothing tangible.

Many of us yearn for that, and try for it, but it doesn't always happen, but sometimes it does. Just do what you can to give, and make those around you happy and comfortable.

Below are images of Christmases past: families, Santa Claus, parades, toys...and memories.



Kids With Santa and Creepy Clauses

Toys From The 1950s-1960s

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