Welcome back Michigan hunters, it's time to tally up the take once again and see how the 2023 whitetail deer season is pacing. With firearm season in the rearview mirror and muzzleloading season in effect until the 1st of the year, a lot of deer need to be tagged to meet or come close to 2022's season.

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To date, there have been 232,140 tagged and reported in Michigan. Compare that to 2022's 303,082 deer; there is a lot riding on this last season.

Michigan's Best County for Whitetail Deer Hunting to Date

Looking at 2022, Sanilac County was Michigan's best for whitetail last year. With 4,399 bucks and 3,751 does, Sanilac had a mighty total deer harvest of 8,150. By comparison, this year that same county has 4,147 bucks and 2,487 does to date for a total of 6,634. Again, a lot is riding on the muzzleloading season.

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As for last year's poorest-performing county, it's pacing even slower. Keweenaw had a total of 158 deer harvested last year, with 155 bucks and only 3 does. As of now, Keweenaw remains the last county for deer production, with 83 bucks and 3 does (already matching last year's doe total). That's 86 deer total for Keweenaw County.

For a full county-by-county ranking of 2022's Michigan deer harvest, click the link below.

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Over 70,000 deer need to be harvested between now and January 1st, 2024 to match 2022's total, or Michigan will see another year, another dip in total deer season numbers, and more chances for motorists to bag Mr. January.

UPDATE Michigan Deer Season: Which County Has Tagged Most to Date?

Using data available through the Michigan Department of Natural Resources deer harvest report, let's count down to the Michigan county that has tagged and reported the most deer to date in 2023.

Gallery Credit: Scott Clow

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