With just a couple of weeks before Christmas, I'm doing what I can to get into the mood for the season. I'm listening to Christmas songs, I'm decorating, and I'm watching my favorite Christmas movies and shows. One show that has some great Christmas episodes is The Office.

So, I was watching the Christmas episodes of The Office (yes, I watch The Office Christmas episodes to get into the jolly spirit, don't judge me) when I came to the episode where Andy has Erin as Secret Santa and wants to give her the 12 Days of Christmas. Literally.

This man gets her literal birds to match with the lyrics of the song. So, by the time the eighth day rolls around, Erin has had enough. Check out the clip below.

The 12 Days of Christmas has to be one of the most ridiculous Christmas songs there are. Who in this world wants six-geese-a-laying? Not me, geese are mean. Not to mention that the original items in the 12 Days of Christmas are just downright expensive.

How Much Do the 12 Days of Christmas Cost?

According to Fortune, to buy all the gifts as sung by the song would cost you $179,454.19, which is absolutely insane. That price is up about 5.9%, according to PNC Bank, which does their annual Christmas Price Index every year based on that song.

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Fortune goes on to make an even better point; "your true love would be stuck with 178 birds". And again, geese are mean, no one wants geese.

So, I decided to take this song and make it better, by picking twelve ridiculous Michigan-themed items that can be given for the 12 Days of Christmas. Because if you really want to give your true love a gift, make it a Pure Michigan one. Check out the Michigan 12 Days of Christmas gifts below. And let us know, is there something that's not on the list that should be? Let us know by sending us a message with the station app.

Michigan's 12 Days of Christmas

There are only so many times you can hear the same version of the same song. So sometimes, you've got to take it upon yourself to change things up. That's exactly what I did with the 12 Days of Christmas. I decided I didn't want to hear about any more partridges in pear trees. Instead, I took the song and headed in a Pure Michigan direction. Take a look at the gallery below to see the most Michigan 12 Days of Christmas one could possibly have.

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