...and coming in at #9 it's Pere Cheney!

Pere Cheney - near Grayling - was a sawmill village during the 1800's. The population wasn't all that much to begin with, but with various diseases popping up around town like cholera & diphtheria, people were dropping like flies...so many, in fact, that the population dwindled down to under 100.

By 1912, the post office closed and the town was abandoned.

It's said that the site grows a weird, unexplained moss-like, or fungus-like plant; plus the cemetery is said to have a person buried there who was accused of being a witch.

What else? Voices and orbs are witnessed by explorers...some of of these visitors have reportedly gone back to their vehicles to find tiny handprints on the cars...supposedly left there by the spirits of children who died of disease there.

Wanna pay a visit soon?