Michigan's 5th Most Haunted Place is the Felt Mansion in Saugatuck.

Located between Holland and Saugatuck, it was built in 1928.

The mansion was built by & a gift from inventor Dorr Felt’s wife Agnes, who died just after they moved in. Evidently the grief was strong enough that Dorr moved out; leaving future owners to turn the mansion into various establishments: a seminary, a police office and drug enforcement agency.

Currently being restored to its former self, it has had it's share of ghostly occurrences. The spirit of Agnes is said to wander through the house time after time, enjoying it as she was never able to during her lifetime. A ghostly shadow is seen - by tourists - waltzing in the ballroom.

Doors - some very heavy - open & shut by themselves.

Some tourists/guests claim the ghost of Agnes scolds or punishes them in some way for being too offensive in her presence.

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