36 year old Serena Williams (FYI born in Saginaw Michigan)suffered a loss in the finals at the U.S. Open, many say her loss was due to sexism on the tennis court.

Some women are still being told what type of clothes they can wear to 'work', even if that work place is the tennis court.   Recently at the French Open, Serena Williams was wearing her black cat suit.   It is a compression suit that helps keep blood clots from forming in her body, a problem she developed after the birth of her daughter.

Those in charge at the French Open, made her go change her clothes , and put on something more  'suitable', which she did, and then ended up losing the final match.  What tennis player's wear now is a long way from the tennis whites all were required to wear in years past, Serena was one of those who helped change that rule.

Now, what happened over the weekend at the U.S. Open has once again, brought the sexism issue to the forefront.   Umpire Carlos Ramos issued Williams a warning or 'allegedly' receiving  illegal coaching from her coach.  Serena denied she had cheated and demanded that Ramos apologize to her.  That did not happen, and back on the court, Williams was obviously frustrated and smashed her racket out of frustration, Ramos imposed a one point penalty on her, Serena then called him  a 'thief' for stealing a point from her.  Now, Serena will be fined $  $17 thousand dollars for 3 separate code violations turn the US finals.

4 thousand for a coaching violation

3thousand for smashing her racquet

10 thousand for verbal abuse towards the umpire.   If you watch much tennis, this does not usually happen to a male player, they are usually say much worse and get a warning, which is something Serena brought up in her own defence.

Former player Billie Jean King tweeted " when a woman is emotional, she's 'hysterical' and penalized for it, when a man does the same thing, he is 'outspoken and there are no repercussions.

It was a sad day for the sport of tennis and a sad day women.

The fight continues........

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