On December 15, Meijer hosted the fifth annual "Very Merry Meijer." It's a one-day event where Meijer surprises an unsuspecting customer at each Meijer store by paying for their entire shopping cart.

One surprise purchase was made at each Meijer store creating a total of 241 customers who had their carts paid for. Meijer also surprised the cashiers who worked the lane by giving them $100 Meijer gift cards. That leaves the rest of us wishing we had shopped at Meijer on December 15.

One of the most unique stories came from the Meijer in Marysville, Ohio, where a family was filling three carts with clothes, toys, electronics and shoes. It turns out those items were all being purchased to give to Common Ground Free Store in DelawareOhio, which is a place where those in need can get items for free. The total of the three carts was $1,595.18. After learning where the items were going, Meijer added a cash donation of $1,595.18 to Common Ground Free Store in addition to the paid-for carts.

It's a nice Christmas tradition and these videos and reactions never get old.

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