It wasn't until 1987 an official Christmas tree became tradition. Every year, it's a really big deal to have your tree chosen to be decorated and placed on display at the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing.

Michigan is home to beautiful pines of all varieties.  My favorite is the Blue Spruce -- family had numerous Blue Spruce trees on their property and living rooms at Christmas-time, too.  They're the most fragrant and perfectly shaped.

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Where does Michigan's Official Christmas Tree Come From?

This year's tree hails from St. Johns in Clinton County.  Mother & Daughter business partners, Mary Ann and Caitlin Beck are donating the spruce this year.  According to the the State (here) the tree arrives pretty early in Lansing -- October 29th!  (Harvested one day earlier.)

"We bought the property this past spring, and the previous owner mentioned that the State of Michigan was interested in the tree," said Mary Ann. "It's an honor to be able to say our tree is the official state Christmas tree. Caitlin and I are so proud to be a part of this state tradition." -Mary Ann & Caitlin Beck


It's a big to-do from harvesting, decorating and the official lighting ceremony.  Various Departments around state government are involved in the process (for fun, not bureaucracy)... even Boy Scout troops have a tradition of untying the tree.

If you'd like to be a part of the unveiling, it's a giant celebration Friday, November 18th rain or shine.  It's part of the 38th Annual Silver Bells in the City celebration complete with a parade, marching bands, horse drawn carriages, Santa and the flip of a "switch" to illuminate everything for the holiday season.  You can see the tree anytime after that at the intersection of Capitol and East Michigan avenues.  (PS. When it's time, don't forget Cars 108 is the Official Christmas Music Station in Flint!)

Quick Facts:

  • This is the 12th tree from Michigan's Lower Peninsula.
  • This year's spruce is 63-feet tall.
  • The Michigan Department of Technology, Management & Budget selected this tree.
  • Last year's tree originated from the Upper Peninsula's Gogebic County (the "rabbit's nose").

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