A pair of low-hanging bridges that cause confusion for truckers are getting a lift, starting next month.

The Michigan Department of Transportation, as reported by MLive, is hosting an information session on Wednesday, Feb. 26 from 1:30 to 7 p.m. at Christoff and Sons to answer questions from the public and give short presentations on what to expect.

As far as the project itself goes, the railroad bridges over Jackson Street and Mechanic Street, north of Louis Glick Highway will have retaining walls rebuilt and the brides will be raised from their 11-foot, 9-inch and 10-foot heights, respectively.

Coming in at a total cost of $17.4 million, the money from this project will be provided by MDOT ($8.2 million), the Federal Railroad Administration ($7.2 million) and Amtrack ($2 million).

Jackson residents still may be recovering from plenty of detours and construction projects downtown but will now be expecting detours and lane closures along Louis Glick between next month (March 2020) and November 2021 when the project is expected to finish.

Let us all keep our fingers crossed for this project to be a success, making it easier to navigate Downtown Jackson without fear of ripping the top off your truck!

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