Good for McDonalds, this is a brilliant idea.  Tonight the fast food giant is celebrating McDelivery and teaming up with Uber Eats. They will be giving away free clothing and accessories.

The purpose of the evening is to encourage customers across the world to have a relaxing night in where they can enjoy their sweatpants and McDonalds, best part is all that without leaving home.

So McDonalds is giving away free merch to anyone who orders at least $10 dollars or more worth of food through Uber Eats. This is not at all McDonalds, so you may need to call your closest McDonalds to see if they are participating.  Micky D's is offering up some limited edition clothing items that include burger and french fries sweatpants, yellow sesame seed bun slippers, McDonalds fuzzy socks, t-shirts, sweatshirts and fleece shorts. Also hair scrunchies, playing cards, blankets and even headphones....the fast food giant wants you to be as comfy as possible and enjoy their food.

Customers will be granted one free item with their order to ensure that there's enough to go around. If you try and break that rule, you will have to deal with Mayor McCheese.


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