While yesterday in Mid Michigan we had a rather nice day yesterday.   Got a bit of a break from the rain, and it was warmer.

When I left my house around 2 in the afternoon to go work at Medi  Weightloss, for the first time in a long time I didn't even take a coat.   I'm not crazy, this is Michigan so I did bring an umbrella.

Heavy Rain Causes Flooding In St. Louis Area
Getty Images

At first when I saw snow in the UP yesterday, looked more like they were having a blizzard , I thought the tv station was showing some old stock video.  Nope, they had basically a blizzard yesterday in the UP.   Then down in the Detroit area there were areas of flooding.   Many roads ended up being closed and there even were a few home fires when the rising water hit electrical box's.

All I can say, it was another perfect day to be living in Mid Michigan.


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