The Michigan Massacre took place in 1889. It wasn’t due to an enemy invasion…or a war with Native Americans…or the annihilation of an animal species. No, this particular Michigan horror story took place in the Lenawee County town of Tecumseh – a seemingly charming community surrounded by countryside between the villages of Brooklyn and Dundee on M-50.

The tragic occurrence took place on February 16, 1889. The entire Silvers family – dad, mom, and two children were mercilessly killed…by dad. Frank L. Silvers was the dad who went off his nut and decided to do away with his entire family and himself. Frank, a 40-year-old successful horse breeder, was well-known and well-liked in town…but for some reason, something in him snapped. He picked up his gun and shot his 38-year old wife Josephine, then turned the gun on his two young children: 10-year old Edith and 9-year old Ada Frank. All three were shot through the head.

He then turned the gun on himself and finished the job.

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Neighbors stopped by the following day and noticed the curtains were down; repeated banging on the door and windows failed to bring anyone so they forced their way inside. Once in, they found Josephine’s body lying in the parlor. The neighbors proceeded to go upstairs where they found the remains of the two children lying in one bed and papa Frank’s body lying on the floor next to them. Lying, but not dead yet – Frank was still breathing but unconscious. He never woke up and eventually passed away.

But why did Silvers decided to wipe out his whole family and himself? His business was doing well, they had enough money, and for all anyone knew, all four members of the Silvers family got along well.

On February 15, one day before the shooting, Frank left a very long note to two friends, telling them he and the family were going on a very long trip. The note said, in part: “Myself and family are going to take a trip, and we wish your assistance in disposing of our earthly accumulations.” Little did anyone know the “earthly accumulations” would include the bodies of the Silver family.

It was never discovered why or what prompted Frank to take this action against himself and his family.

POST SCRIPT: Valentine’s Day was two days before the family’s deaths. The children had received Valentine cards on that day, of which one read:
“Little one, pretty one,
Gentle as the dove:
May not one to such a one
Send a little love?”

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