Tired of wearing masks when you go into a store or business? We ALL are. But there may be an alternative for you.

Face shields are being made – professionally, and at home. Shields may protect you from exposure up to 96%.

Shields cover your whole face, not just your nose and mouth (keep in mind, they say the virus can get in through your eyes). You can breathe easier (which I'm glad to hear; I have trouble breathing in those darn masks), communicate with others easier, they're not as embarrassing as masks, and they can be wiped down & disinfected for re-use.

People have also started making their own from home...by cutting up plastic 2-liter pop bottles, adding foam protection for the forehead, and an elastic band.

“Experts” are divided...some are for shields, others for masks, others say use both.

So which would you prefer? Face shields can cost approximately ten bucks. A homemade one, less than five. Take a look at the photos and video below!


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