So you're still on the prowl for something weird, something oddball, something totally offbeat? Well, this is it.

It's Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum in Farmington Hills.

Marvin's is definitely off the beaten path, down a side alley in a strip mall near the corner of W. 14 Mile Rd and Orchard Lake Rd. in Hunter's Square.

WOW...there are so many cool things to see here. It's devoted to all the old-time animatronic games and coin-operated gimmick machines and games going way back to the 1800's.

Among the hundreds of features and exhibits that you can see in the photos below, are gypsy fortune tellers, torture scenes from the Spanish Inquisition, animated dummies, carnival sideshow freaks & grotesqueries, a food taster that throws up when you put a quarter in, skeleton bicyclists, Sing-Sing's electric chair, all-monkey band, the Cardiff Giant, guillotine, nickelodeons, a booth where you put your hand in and possibly get it chopped off and more weird, weird stuff (there are things for the whole family, but maybe you better visit first before you bring the young'uns)!

Admission is FREE but to operate the machines, you will need coinage...mostly quarters.

These oddities were collected for over 50 years by the late Marvin Yagoda, who passed away in January 2017 and was even featured in an episode of "American Pickers".

It's an awesome addition to your Michigan roadtrip....and I GUARANTEE.....once you visit,  it will either impress you, change your world or mess you up...but you will DEFINITELY tell others about it. It's THAT cool.


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