The Woodstock Music Festival took place in 1969.
The 1970 Goose Lake Festival in Jackson was Michigan's answer to Woodstock.
The 1977 Michigan Jam at Martin Dragway was Allegan County's answer to Goose Lake.

It was one of the biggest concert crowds Michigan had seen. AND HOLY COW.....what a show it was!

Bob Seger was out on tour promoting his “Night Moves” album and was the headliner for the show. Also on the bill were:

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HEART - The Wilson sisters – Ann & Nancy – the 'heart' of Heart. They had been making waves on the charts for two years when they appeared at the Martin Dragway show.

THE LITTLE RIVER BAND – They were just beginning to make it big in America and for the next six years racked up all their biggest U.S. hits.

NAZARETH – Two years earlier they were at the top of their game with “Hair of the Dog” and “Love Hurts” but by 1977 they were already past their peak.

SPIRIT – They were hot in 1968-1969 but by 1977 their heyday was over. Maybe that's why they failed to even show up for this appearance.

To top off the show, the Master of Ceremonies was legendary deejay Wolfman Jack.

Interest in this show was incredible...traffic was jammed all up and down US-131. Cars pulled over and parked along the highway and walked the rest of the way  - some two miles or more - to the dragstrip. Commuters and police were not very happy with the congestion.

The show took place on Saturday, July 2 with temperatures at approximately 100.....and 95 degrees in the shade. So hot, that some people were fainting from the heat, and others were picking up spilled ice cubes off the ground.

One of the highlights was when Seger's saxophonist, Alto Reed, came to the stage by hot air balloon!

The temperature may have been miserable and no beverage stands around, but most of the attendees still mention to this day what a special, one-of-a-kind show it was...and it was well worth the heat.

MIchigan Jam: July 2, 1977 @ Martin Dragway


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