Here's a Michigan roadside attraction that's both open AND abandoned.

Formerly known as the Good Shepherd Scenic Gardens, this is now called the Robinson Scenic Gardens, on US-131 southwest of Mancelona...tucked away out in the Michigan countryside.

People who camp nearby would visit this place to see the statues and homemade lawn ornaments...but mainly to walk through the sculpture park that contained Biblical scenes & figures made out of lawn statues. Unfortunately, this little walk-through park is now closed, or abandoned, whichever name you prefer. Even though many found it cool, others found it disturbing & creepy...thanks to the lifeless statues posed within the wooded area, and a headless statue of Jesus which bothered some. You can still see the walk-through from the road (SEE PHOTOS).

Even though the walk-through is closed, who knows? Maybe you can sweet-talk the owner in the gift shop to let you in to take video and pictures. I know I'd try it!

But now, the scenic garden has many other statues to gaze at and pose with...giraffe, hippo, elephant, rhino, blue horse, camel, lion, a weird clown head with antlers, humpty dumpty...and a creepy Bugs Bunny-type rabbit statue.

It's a fun, weird, odd, creepy, amusing & cheesy little addition to your Michigan roadtrip and you may even buy something...and get some interesting pics as well.