Bring your junk...your throwaways...your stuff you don't want/need anymore! YOUR JUNK IS SOMEONE ELSE'S TREASURE.

And YOU are likely to find some rare item you'd like as the 2nd Annual World's Largest Yard Sale!

Some yard sales, garage sales and flea markets hold hidden treasures.....take, for example, the lady who bought a dresser and found a cache of 1880's silver dollars in it...or the boy who bought a 1960's Beatle album and found the original autographs of all four members within....or the older lady who bought some inexpensive dinnerware only to discover it was made of REAL silver, worth hundreds of dollars!

What will YOU find at this year's sale?
Or how much will you MAKE from this year's sale?

Come on out...there's money to be made and deals to be had.

Read the info by CLICKING HERE and plan on joining us!