It's science folks.  You have read and heard about this before, that dogs can help improve depression and your overall health.  Now we have new research that is showing exactly how petting a dog affects our brains.

On National Take Your Dog To Work Day, researchers say that it is just one more way that dogs affects us and makes our lives better.

You might be thing....Hey, our brains process all things we touch in the same way..but it turns out that isn't true.    Scientists say that our brain divides things that touch our skin into 3 categories:'pleasant', neutral', and 'unpleasant'.  Each of these feelings come from different areas of the brain, one of those areas is responsible for pleasant feelings.....the kind you get when you pet a dog.

Petting a dog also makes the brain release two feel-good chemicals that can improve your mood.

Bottom line, this is why we should have an office dog.   Your in a bad mood, go pet the dog and then get on with your work day in a better mood.

Simple as all that.

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