In Macomb County’s Clinton Township is the Cadillac Memorial Gardens East Cemetery. It’s a beautiful, large, and impressive piece of land. That’s why it’s difficult to fathom some of the violence that happened within the graveyard gates.
So here we go with the legends.....

In the 1980’s an inmate escaped from a mental institution and headed toward the cemetery. It was after hours, so he broke into the main office by breaking windows. Once inside, he completely trashed the place. Not being content with the damage he did, he proceeded to slit his wrists & neck with the broken glass. In the morning, when staff members arrived, they found the man – still alive - muttering to himself, wrapped in a blanket.

In the 1990’s a man became extremely distraught over the death of both his parents. He went to their gravesite, which is in the oldest garden section of the cemetery, Summit Hill Garden. Once there, he shot himself in the head and collapsed on top of his parents’ graves, where authorities found him. To this day, groundskeepers have claimed to see a male apparition materialize at that same site.

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In the 2000’s a cemetery sales manager abruptly quit his position after seeing the ghost of a Native American walking through the wall of the sales office.

Another tale says that a police officer shot and killed a teenager who was trespassing on the grounds after hours. The grief and guilt overwhelmed the officer so intensely, that he went mad. One night, he dressed himself in camouflage, painted his face, went to the cemetery late one night, and proceeded to dig up the boy’s body. He was caught in the act.

Aside from all that, visitors get the feeling that they are being watched by something unseen, whether it’s day or night. At dusk, screams and whispers can be heard from various directions in the cemetery grounds.

If you choose to visit, respect any ‘closed’ signs if you get there at night. In most cases at various cemeteries, you can usually get permission to enter after hours. Protect yourself from prosecution and don’t vandalize, litter, or be obnoxious.

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