Graveyards and cemeteries hold a certain fascination for most people. You’re either intrigued or frightened by them…..more so when there’s a haunted legend attached to ‘em.  We can all be spooked by graveyards, and rumors of ghosts usually abound and start to circulate, becoming legends or myths. But who’s to say what’s real and what isn’t? There are those who have witnessed actual paranormal activity, while others who haven’t seem to snicker and pooh-pooh the ones who have had the experiences.

All you can do is visit some of Michigan’s haunted locations, do your own investigations, and come to your own conclusions. And remember, all legends, myths, and hauntings are usually based on some kind of fact…they all have to start somewhere.

Well, here’s another one.

This one is the Machpelah Cemetery in Ferndale, established in 1912. Those who have investigated it say there’s a feeling of isolation once you enter the grounds…not a lonely feel, but more like serenity. If there are indeed some spirits that are making themselves known to the mortals, it’s not to scare them away, but more of a welcome.

Witnesses say they’ve heard the sound of screams (that's a welcome?) and strange bells from the hours between Midnight and 3am coming from within the cemetery.

Other sounds that have been connected to ghosts and phantoms are low moans and whispering. Other than sounds, passersby along Woodward Avenue have reported dark, shadowy shapes moving around inside the graveyard grounds.

According to the cemetery’s website, “The first house on Woodward Avenue stood where the cemetery is now, when Woodward was a dirt trail. The two-bedroom house was on the Granger farm property, and the occupants paid $7 dollars per month for rent”. This little bit of history might make a paranormal investigator wonder: did the original home owner come back to walk his old home grounds?

Machpelah Cemetery’s website also says “We invite anyone to visit and walk around, walk their dogs”. Even so, respect their hours and rules if you go.

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