I took a short Michigan roadtrip recently up through Otsego, Montmorency, and Alpena Counties. There is just SO much to see when you travel these side roads.

The pictures below show you some of the sights and towns I came across, mostly on M-32. There are some side roads off M-32 that will take you through some old, out-of-the-way, and forgotten towns. Some of these are:

Johannesburg, in Otsego County
Vienna Corners, in Montmorency County
Rust, in Montmorency County
Lachine, in Alpena County
Bigelow, in Montmorency County
Big Rock, a ghost town in Montmorency County

Lachine is on M-65, just off M-32.
Rust is off M-32 on Rust Rd.

I have posted and written about some of these towns and it was very cool for me to drive through and actually visit 'em. Reading and/or writing about these places makes it more interesting to finally see 'em in person.

Take a roadtrip and get away from the main roads! So what if summer is over? Fall brings crisp weather, fall festivals, changing colors, Halloween, harvests and endless places to visit. The photos below show only some of the abandoned, forgotten and hidden Michigan places that only scratch the tip of the iceberg.

No, I did not take these pictures...they are courtesy of Google Maps. I drive, I make notes of places I want to highlight, and use GM once I'm home. This saves HOURS of time, instead of stopping to take a picture of EVERYTHING I come across...!


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