Can you imagine what Lansing would be like if we had registered golf carts? I think this would be a great idea. Who doesn't love riding around in a battery operated golf cart?

Here's what's really cool, Ludington here in Michigan actually has over 300 registered golf carts. I should know because I saw many of them when I was in Ludington during my vacation last month.

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Of course there are a few rules that drivers must abide by.

1. Not allowed on every road.

2. Can't be driven at night.

I could live with these rules and have no problem with it.. Just think of people in Ludington using golf carts to go to the beach or to the downtown area. And you know, it's a lot cheaper and easier using a golf cart.

. According to

In 2015, Ludington was an early adopter when it came to allowing golf carts to zip around town. A 2014 law allows local municipalities of 30,000 people or fewer to decide whether they want to allow golf carts on local roads. More than two dozen Michigan communities have voted to allow it.

Now if we could only get Okemos to allow this ordinance once and for all. Just think, I could take a golf cart to Kroger, park somewhere in the parking lot or even on a grassy area, and then head home with all of my groceries.

Or what about using a golf cart to go shopping at the Meridian Mall. Not only fun and practical, but a different form of transportation that doesn't cost that much to operate. also tells us:

MLive checked in with some popular Lake Michigan beach towns that have large retirement-age populations to get their take on golf carts. Among those that responded, Ludington is the only one with a golf cart ordinance. Traverse City and Saugatuck city managers said they haven’t had interest from residents.

Another reason why I think Okemos should allow golf carts on certain roads, to get ice cream treats.

Let's say it's really hot outside. All I would have to do is hop in my thrifty golf cart and head straight to Baskin Robbins on Grand River.

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