Here's who we lost from September 1 - 15:

DEAN JONES, 84, actor (“The Love Bug”, etc.) Sept. 1
BOOMER CASTLEMAN, 70, singer (60’s group The Lewis & Clarke Expedition)  Sept. 1
DON GRIFFIN, 60, member of The Miracles, Sept. 3
JUDY CARNE, 76, actress (the “sock-it-to-me” girl on TV’s “Laugh-In”) Sept. 3
JEAN DARLING, 93, original “Our Gang” member, Sept. 4
MARTIN MILNER, 83, actor (“Route 66,” “Adam-12”) Sept. 6
DICKIE MOORE, 89, child actor (“Our Gang/Little Rascals,” 1930’s), Sept. 7
GARY RICHRATH, 65, original REO Speedwagon guitarist, Sept. 13

There has to be someone on that list that strikes a solemn chord. Thanks to all of the above for making wonderful contributions to the entertainment world.

DEAN JONES (getty)



MARTIN MILNER on the right (getty)