Something Locavores have known for a while, just like advocates of farm to table.  Local food tastes fresher, because it is fresher, it hasn't been on  a truck or train traveling across the country, it's not picked before it's truly ripe so it can make the trip.  It's just what it is; local food.  We have seen a huge uptick in Farmers Markets and now we are seeing the uptick in cooking and baking incubators, like the one in the Allen Neighborhood Center or Incubake in Holt.  Today's Lansing State Journal has a story of local entrepreneurs and how they are making their products and where.  Not only where they are making them but where they can be found too.  MSU has an interesting part in this too.  The MSU product center can help you see if your product is viable, they will help you with the it worth pursuing and if it is, they will help with an action plan.  So I think we will be able to buy local products in many more places.

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