The community of Bath has always been strong. Now they are hoping that HGTV will see how amazing a town they are and pick their small Mid Michigan town to be featured on 'Home Town' as part of an all-new concept series Home Town Takeover.

HGTV says this will be a six-episode special to air on the network next year. The hosts of "Home Town," Erin and Ben have a lot of home renovation experience, and as luck would have it, they also have experience in the realm of whole-town transformation.

They asked for home towns across the U.S. to send in videos about their town and why it deserved to be transformed. Seniors at Bath High School took up the challenge and made a video about Bath and its history and now are hoping to be chosen for the home town renovation.

Other parts of Mid Michigan have also submitted videos of their towns, one of the best things to come out of this is the pride that Michigan residents have in the towns they call home. You can watch Bath's submission video below.

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