I've posted this before but I never get tired of seeing it.

My dad used to take me over to Lake Lansing Park and I was always in awe of the roller coaster. The above video from WKAR-TV has great old film footage of the wonderful times that were had by everyone in (and out) of the area.

Check out not only the roller coaster, but the Merry-Go-Round, pony rides, streetcar transportation, 1930's thru 1960's fashions of the day, mini-railroad, concession stands, color and black & white film and photos, original tickets, Tilt-A-Whirl, Dodgem cars, the floating pavilion (house), the old cars and more.

The area had been used for recreation and vacationing ever since the late 1800's and was eventually made into an amusement park that fascinated kids and adults alike from 1934-1974.

I'll probably continue to post this every year...hopefully someone will get the idea and give us another local amusement park to enjoy. We can use one.