Reed City, Michigan has it’s mini-version of the Mackinac Bridge. We came across this purely by accident when we got outta the car to stretch our legs in Reed City at the corner of US-10 and Old US Hwy 131.

At a roadside stop called Rambadt Park, there’s a trail that contains a huge stretch of boardwalk right out & through a swamp and by a creek…part of this boardwalk features the ‘Little Mac’ bridge. Walking across the bridge is like walking on one of those moving floors inside a funhouse…it sways, thanks to suspension cables, NOT ground structure!

There’s another, possibly more well-known one. It’s located in St. Louis and comes with it’s own version of mini Lake Michigan, Lower Peninsula & Lake Huron.

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It’s privately owned and may be open to the public. You can get some photo-ops of the bridge and maybe feed the fish in the mini-Great Lakes.

Located in St. Louis at 8200 N. Begole Rd...Take 127 north past Alma and get off exit 127A. Turn east and Begole Rd. is just a few feet down; turn left on Begole and the bridge is about one block down on the right past a storage facility.

It’s another couple of fun little places to stop for a few minutes and photo-op on your Michigan roadtrip! Enjoy our state!



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