What the hell is going on with the Detroit Lions?. A phrase that seems to be repeated every year.   Bottom line, the team I love, just plain sucks.

We always begin the season with so much hope and promise, and then there comes the crash.  This year that crash seems louder and has left Lions fans, me included, looking for answers on the teams horrible playing.  The team, well they don't have the answers, know one seems to.

When the Seahawks , using a quote from M-Live, kicked their teeth in with some 28 unanswered points a couple of weeks ago the team talked about getting back to fundamentals, okay....., that didn't work because we had the Vikings knocking down our Quarter Back a record 10 times.   It was God awful.  The Lions then rattled off a list of things they were going to fix in time for the next game.  That next game was the Chicago Bears and the Lions allowed them 26 unanswered points which resulted in a 34 to 22 point loss.

Horrible playing, horrible coaching.   Total embarrassment!  This  is the team that beat the New England Patriots, what the hell has happened?

I am usually one of the only fans that stays positive until the end, but this is ridiculous.  Why, why, why does this continue to happen, we just can't seem to get better.

Kyle Meinke of MLive said it best "these guys suck right now, and it's not just a talent problem either, although that is a problem, especially after the Golden Tate trade.  Its a coaching problem too".

Coach Matt Patricia said in an interview " I'll say this about our team, it's a competitive team  and they will fight to the end".  Really, and when do we expect to see that happen.

Another sad and embarrassing year for this Lions fan, who, fyi, lives in a house full of Green Bay Packer fans.  I am already dreading Thanksgiving !  Ughhhhhhh

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