Here's a tidy little Michigan ghost story for ya...

Narcissa Paige was owner of the Paige House Hotel in downtown St. Louis, Michigan in the late 1800's. Her income made it possible for her to afford her own mansion and had one built in the early 1880's at the corner of Delaware St. and Center St., just down the road from the Historical Site "castle" of Colonel Elwell (SEE PHOTOS BELOW).

Narcissa had a daughter, Lillian, who (thanks to Narcissa, I'd bet) was brought to the attention of one of the most successful businessmen in town, drug store owner George Charles. The plan worked and Lillian and George were eventually married.

However, George passed away at a young age, followed by his mother-in-law Narcissa just two years later. This left daughter Lillian all alone.....and she remained alone, living by herself in that creepy mansion for over 50 years until she, too, passed away.

A woman who lived in the house many years later claims that Lillian's ghost still inhabits the house. She says that when she was around 6 years old, a strange woman in white began tucking her in at night and would sometimes sing her a lullaby. This was no crazy aunt living in a hidden room...this was an ethereal being. This spirit would also be seen  - by residents and neighbors alike - passing by windows, wandering throughout the house wearing a wedding dress, with her hair worn in an upswept fashion. 

Lillian's spirit has been known to touch people, make noises during seance's, and be heard climbing the stairs among other incidents & instances.

Why believe it's Lillian's ghost doing all the appearances? It's due to some hidden love letters Lillian wrote that were found by later residents that revealed quite a bit. But it's been said that later owners had the house exorcised of any spirits that may have been lingering....but as we know, that doesn't always work.

Visit the corner of Delaware & Center in St. Louis sometime soon.
Lillian may still be waiting for the right owner...

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