According to WILX, a house bill has been introduced to legalize beer and wine dispensers in bars and restaurants across Michigan.

I'm trying to decide for myself if I actually like this idea. You know what this means, you get to be your own bartender.

Michigan is one of five states that doesn't have the dispensers legalized.

For the bars that have the dispensers, customers would need to purchase a wristband to use it, which basically acts as a credit card.

Customers have a limited number of ounces they can pay for, they tap their wristband against the dispenser and it will recognize their account.

Once this is done, you can choose the beverage of your choice and it will dispense your drink into a provided cup.

A local bar manager said he thinks the dispensers would be a good idea for clubs or sports bars.

And by the way, the dispenser only gives out wine and beer.

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