I don't believe there was ever any hostility between Dave Letterman and Jay Leno personally; the only thing that caused a wedge between them was NBC.

Johnny Carson definitely wanted Dave to take over "The Tonight Show," not Jay. NBC had already decided to push Johnny out and get someone younger in, before Carson had the intent to leave. Once they coaxed Johnny to give it up, NBC refused to take his recommendation to make Dave the host, as he very well SHOULD have been.

Jay's sneaky manager weaseled her way into getting NBC to choose Jay - it was NOT Jay who pushed Dave aside...IT WAS NBC. If Dave seemed bitter for years afterward, it was not directed at Jay - it was due to the callousness of NBC and the way they handled the whole mess, including the way they pushed Johnny Carson out the door.

Then the media jumped on the whole thing and created this stupid 'rivalry' between the two...and they made sure they kept stoking the flames that made a 'rivalry' or 'feud' believable to the public.

Even though they didn't hang out, Dave & Jay still considered themselves to be friends; even appearing together in an ad for Dave's show!

Watch Dave & Jay's commercial together by CLICKING HERE.

Watch Dave explain how this commercial came about by CLICKING HERE.

Dave Letterman's last show.....Wednesday, May 20, 2015.
The last TV show I enjoyed is basically over.
Now TV means nothing.