Today, the Lansing State Journal reported on an FDA report from January 2020 that informed Quality Dairy of several environmental shortfalls in their setup.

I've been going to Quality Dairy stores for many years to pick up everything from milk, bread, cookies, batteries, and beverages. If you can name it, I probably purchased it at Quality Dairy.

Quality Dairy issued a statement on this matter, which you can find here. We've included a large excerpt from that statement below as well.

For 85 years, Quality Dairy has strived to provide our customers with the highest-quality consumer experience possible. From our bakery items to our milk and everything in between, our goal has always been to supply the Lansing area with the best quality products while maintaining lofty operational standards. For the vast majority of those 85 years, we have delivered on that goal. However, in rare circumstances, we have come up short. In January of 2020, Quality Dairy had an instance where we did not live up to our own standards.


Much like how local health departments inspect your favorite restaurants, Quality Dairy is frequently inspected by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as well as a third-party food safety inspection company that inspects to the standard Safe Quality Foods (SQF). Local health departments are tasked with recognizing restaurant code violations and mandating how those items are resolved. This is also a function of the FDA for larger producers and in early 2020, a number of crucial action items were found at our QD Central. The QD Commissary is located within QD Central and is the facility responsible for the production of sandwiches, salads, and other items prepared by the QD staff.


During this inspection, the FDA brought a number of infractions to our attention. Quality Dairy recognized these infractions as serious and immediately took numerous corrective actions to ensure that we are providing the best possible environment to continue serving the community. It is important to note that the issues that we were made aware of were environmental, there was not any food contamination and QD is in good standing with the FDA.


While we are not proud of the FDA’s findings, we are proud of the way our staff worked with the FDA to attack our shortcomings and improve our operational procedures.


For 85 years, the Quality Dairy commissary and bakery have maintained a high standard of excellence. We have been inspected countless times and have always worked hand and hand with our regulating agencies to provide the safest possible conditions for our staff and the people we serve. We take great pride in our extraordinary SQF performance over the last 7 years and we will continue to strive to exceed FDA and SQF standards. We also welcome inputs from these inspecting entities as we know that will continue to make us better.

WILX has also covered this story if you'd like to learn more.

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