In the wave of America's involvement with Beatlemania back in 1964, the Lansing area was bombarded with local garage bands popping up, wanting to experience the excitement they were witnessing in the Beatles and other British & American groups.

And yes, I was in one of those Mid-Michigan bands and I can tell you - musically & culturally, it was an incredible and exciting time.

The Lansing-area local bands included:
Back Alley
Beaux Jens
Danny Hernandez & The Ones
Maury Dean & The Nightshift
New Paris Bakery
Pepe & The Problems
Plain Brown Wrapper
Tonto & The Renegades

I remember seeing Cub Koda & Brownsville Station performing at MSU years before "Smokin' In The Boys' Room" brought them nationwide fame. Cub & I became friends in later years...he passed away in 2000 of kidney failure.

To get a better grasp on those heady times, you need to check out this great piece the City Pulse did on garage bands a few years ago. You can read this awesome article on Lansing rock by CLICKING HERE.

Enjoy...and celebrate our Rock 'n Roll heritage.

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