The above photo gallery shows you some of the very first images broadcast on Lansing's TV station, WFSL, now called Fox 47, WSYM.


It began as an independent station on December 1, 1982 and later became a Fox affiliate.

The video clip below kicked it all off on that first day of December, 1982. Interesting to see the programs they were promoting at the time.

Even farther down is a video showing the original sign-on credits.

Click and watch…very cool (and kudos to the entire staff at Fox 47)!

As mentioned above, when Fox 47 WSYM first went on the air on December 1, 1982, it went under the call letters WFSL.

Just before their very first sign-on program (seen above), they gave credit where credit was due. This roll of credits includes many people and organizations in our area, possibly many you know personally.

In these credits you’ll see us – WFMK – along with Magic Johnson, Boogie Bob Baldori, our late radio comrade Larry Estlack and many, many others.

It’s 2:48 in length…so sit back and watch another small piece of Lansing broadcast history!