The Lansing school district will be back to virtual learning this fall instead of heading to the classroom. WILX reports that the Lansing School Board made that decision at yesterday's meeting.

It was decided that Lansing students will begin the 2020-2021 school year with 100% virtual learning. The proposed plans were announced by deputy superintendent Dr. Delsa Chapman. Chapman said,

We will have district-wide remote 1 to 1 technology and what were deeming as screen to screen learning.

The Lansing School District says their goal is to try and make the live virtual learning experience as close to real person to person as possible.

It was not an easy decision, and many questions were asked after the plan was presented. Many of those questions were focused on concerns about working households. One trustee asked:

Households or families where both parents are working, what plans does the school district have to support those households?

Lansing School Board President Gabrielle Lawrence says that they are aware not everyone is on board with this decision, but they feel this plan is the best decision for Lansing students.

Lawrence said,

Maintaining health and safety is priority number one again we know that not everyone is going to be happy not everyone is going to be satisfied we hope that everyone can bare with us as we try to navigate this really difficult situation that we’re going to be dealing with

Lansing School Superintendent Sam Sinicropi said in a released statement, that

Hopefully we can begin to get our students back into the classroom at their school with their teachers by the end of the first marking period which is around the first week in November

The Lansing district is planning to start the school year on Monday, August 31st.

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