I know it is so true, we are all so tired of hearing about flu shots and vaccines. Seems we can't get away from it. Well, the bottom line is we all need to keep ourselves and our family safe with the winter and flu season coming up.

I am planning on getting my flu shot this week,  I am on a mission not to get sick anytime soon.  That means a lot of water and healthy food and of course always good to throw in some exercise at least a few times a week.

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Here Is Why To Get It Early

Many health care professionals and Meijer Pharmacy are warning folks to get their seasonal flu shot early according to fox47news.com.

We know many people are tired of hearing about vaccines right now,” said Jackie Morse, Meijer Vice President of Pharmacy, in a press release. “However, COVID-19 is still a real concern and if people come down with the seasonal flu on top of COVID-19, the illness could be much worse for them and the impact could be greater on the health systems


It is frightening to think someone can get both the flu and COVID19 at the same time, that would be a miserable time for a person, not to mention may be life-threatening.

Where You Get Your Flu Shot

There are many places to get the flu shot and you can also ask your doctor if you don't have an idea where, but if you would like to do it at a Meijer Pharmacy you can text “flu” to 75049 to schedule an appointment. If you have not, and would like to get your COVID-19 vaccine you can text “COVID” to 75049 to schedule an appointment as well.  Let's do whatever we can to stay healthy kids.

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