Out with the old and in with the new, as they say. It can be sad when something in your neighborhood closes and a new business comes in. Especially if it's a place you frequented a lot like a restaurant, neighborhood bar or even a movie theatre.

The vacant Lansing Mall movie theater is going to turn into something really cool. It’s being turned into a production space to shoot movies and TV shows. Wilx.com says they broke ground on the site last weekend. Maybe a chance for some of us to be extras.

Imagine going to Michigan State for film school and then getting a job right in the same town. Up until now, that wasn’t a possibility. Now they can say, ‘Hey, you come to our school, we can not only get you as an intern, but we can possibly place you at a job in a career in filmmaking,’” said Amaru, founder and CEO of Greenwood District Studios.

So I guess the plan is to redo the outside of the building first, so it can be used as a public drive-in movie theater starting in May. And the goal is to have the space completely finished in the next few years. That is if everything goes as planned.

This is exciting stuff. There have been some incredible movies shot in Michigan over the years like Evil Dead, Gran Torino, Blue Collar, Hoffa, Sparkle, Detroit, It Follows, and Dream Girls.

We will keep you posted on this as updates happen. Being an actor was one of my dreams growing up. But radio has been good to me, and I think being in TV and movies would be a lot more pressure.

Have you ever wanted to be an actor or actress? What is your dream job?

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