You ever wonder what the guy next to you is looking at on his computer? What about that lady in the coffee shop with the weird glasses that look like your kindergarten teacher, what is she searching for on that iPhone? Turns out Lansing, Michigan's search history is somewhat...unique.

The Mystery That is Lansing, Michigan's Search History

Turns out Michigan is the only state in the entire country to have the #3 entry land in their Top 9, let alone the standard Top 10. Lansing is also the only city whose most searched animal was:


That's a fisher cat. The few we have in the Great Lakes State are protected, maybe that's why they are so highly searched. I think any student who does a project on an endangered species deserves an A. Just putting it out there.

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Lansing Search Anomalies

Salisbury, Maryland, and Lansing, Michigan have something in common. They are the only 2 places with 'nurseries' as a top trending 'near me' search. The State Capitol does have some fine-hanging baskets and flower gardens. Care for a landscape off Salisbury?

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Seems Lansing likes a Swedish meatball too, as that was the top-searched recipe. What music were you listening to while making said meatballs? Perhaps Rap, as it was the most searched music genre.


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Here's a closer look at Lansing, Michigan's Top 9 Google 'Near Me' Searches:

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