For Lansing fans of Johnathan Rand’s “Michigan Chillers” books, you’re in for a treat. His latest title, “Lair of the Lansing Leprechauns” has been released just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.

It’s Johnathan’s 20th title in his “Michigan Chillers” line and you can bet there are more coming.

He also authors many lines including “American Chillers" and has started a new line, “Nightmare Nation”, of which you can see a picture of the first edition below.

All his books and more goodies are available at his headquarters, Chillermania!, located at 1651 S. Straits Highway, Indian River. I visited Chillermania! not long ago, as you will see by CLICKING HERE.

Rand’s camp for kids, “Author Quest” is scheduled to take place this year, June 24-27 and August 12-15. It’s a great place where kids are encouraged to write and create, which is sadly omitted from many educational facilities. And anyone who knows me, knows I am all for encouraging artistic creativity in our youth.

Look for “Lair of the Lansing Leprechauns” as a St. Patty’s Day gift for someone or yourself!


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