Lansing has a huge backlog of 'cold cases'.....crimes (mostly murders) that have never been solved. The possibilities of solving any case that's older than 50 years gets slimmer & slimmer as time goes by...the oldest one that has any chance of being solved is the following:

On April 19, 1963, Everett M. Marlett, 59, was shot five times at his home at 3519 South Cedar Street, apparently murdered while someone was attempting to rob his home.

His body was found lying in his dining room by a neighbor.

Evidently, Marlett was a very well-known real estate agent in the area. He had listings almost every day in the Lansing State Journal. But why would anyone want him eliminated? He wasn't killed in a house he was showing someone...he was found in his own home.

This is just one of the 60+ unsolved Lansing homicides that occurred between 1963 and 2012. The Lansing Police Department has been studying these old cold cases for a few fact, the case of Everett M. Marlett's homicide was the first they've been attempting to solve.
Not much else is known about this case and any old news articles on this incident are difficult to find. Anyone got anything to add?

Everett is buried in the Evergreen Cemetery. Pay him a visit soon.

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