According to the Lansing State Journal, a Lansing Community College parking ramp is coming down as officials prepare to build a five story, 1,700 parking space structure in its place.

Demolition of the Gannon parking ramp at LCC's campus in downtown Lansing began on Jan. 4. Demolition should be completed by April with construction of the new parking ramp set to start in May.

I personally remember parking in the Gannon parking ramp whenever Common Ground was taking place at Riverfront Park. Common Ground at one time was one of the most popular venues to ever hit the city of Lansing.

Initial LCC plans called for a three story parking structure to replace the Gannon ramp on North Grand Avenue, in addition to construction of another parking garage, this one standing three stories high on the corner of Capitol Avenue and Shiawassee Street. At this point, that project has been scrapped. (LSJ)

Demolition and construction of the new parking structure requires several permits. All of the needed permits have so far been received.

The former Gannon ramp housed 980 parking spaces. The new structure will add 700 to 800 more spaces. The new ramp is expected to be finished in August 2022. (LSJ)

All of this talk about Lansing Community College takes me back to the mid '70s when I was a student taking radio classes and working at their WLCC radio station. Good memories!

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